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They're Here!!! You Can Now Purchase
Jeff Pyatt's CD's Online!!!
Open Highway
(Download Available Now!!)

  1.  Open Highway

  2.  Insane

  3.  Pennies In Your pockets

  4.  Weary On The Run

  5.  Do You Still Love Me

  6.  You Might Say

  7.  Bottom Of The Hill

  8.  Nothing Left To Say

  9.  On Hold Again

  10.  Clouds Keep Rollin' In

  11.  Warrior's Prayer

  12.  Silver Moon




 Mr. Pyatt delivers his work in a "take-me-back" style that is sure to appeal to a very wide cross-generational audience,

providing simplicity for the older listeners as well as keeping with the dynamics for the younger set. - B.K. Hart - Pres. DSR Records - Columnist, Forest Pro Music.

The long awaited premier CD from Jeff Pyatt is finaly here!!      Get Your Copy Today!!

$11.00 USD (download only) =

Open Highway Unplugged

(Download Available Now!!)


  1. Open Highway

  2. Insane

  3. Pennies In Your Pockets

  4. Weary On The Run

  5. Do You Still Love Me

  6. You Might Say

  7. Bottom Of The Hill

  8. Nothing Left To Say

  9. On Hold Again

  10. Clouds Keep Rollin' In

  11. Warriors Prayer

  12. Silver Moon

  13. All I Wanna Do Is Love You - BONUS TRACK

  14. What I Know Now - BONUS TRACK

The Long Requested Unplugged Version Is Finally Here!!!      Plus!

For purchasing this downloadable version of UNPLUGGED you get 2 BONUS tracks!!!

$13.00 USD (download only) =

In His Hands

(Download Available Now!!)

  1.  In His Hands

  2.  Water Into Sand

  3.  Perpetual

  4.  He Is Faithful

  5.  I Am Redeemed

  6.  Watching The Flowers Grow

  7.  I Stand Before The Lord

  8.  Willing To Hear

  9.  Every Day's A Treasure

  10.  Jesus Is The Only Way

Mr. Pyatt's first Gospel album!!

All Inspired and Original songs.

A must have for those that follow the lord and love the music of Mr. Pyatt.

This Album is for sale by donation only!!!

(All proceeds to spread the Gospel and produce more of these type of Great CD's!!!)


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