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Rattler's Rear View

A Short Bio About Mr. Pyatt, From Mr. Pyatt


Iím not much for talking about myself, but here goes!


      I was born in the upper northwest and raised in Trout Creek, Montana. My father was a logger, and when the mountains wouldnít allow him in, part-time musician . My mother was a seamstress and a homemaker with a green thumb. She had an undying love for my father, her children, and the Lord God almighty, In reverse order of course.

     My influences started out with my father of course, then probably Johnny Horton, Merle Haggard, Tom T. Hall, Carl Smith, and Jim Reeves.  Then after a while we moved to another part of the northwest, and my influences evolved into the likenesses of Jim Croce, James Taylor, C.S.N.Y., Marvin Gay, and Cat Stevens. Then as a teenager Rock and Roll kicked in and it was Alvin Bishop, Marshall Tucker, The Allman Brothers, and other southern rock favorites. Then I went through an outlaw stage. Waylon, Willie, and the boys were on the list.

      We moved around a lot when I was growing up due to my fatherís job first, then my parents divorced, but children are adaptable and  I got used to it. I started playing the guitar when I was 13 to escape the reality of it all and started writing songs when I was 17. You see, I was a bit of a dreamer and still am or so it would seem! That was about the time I joined the Navy. That went on for the duration of a ride through hell, but I made it through that too.

     When I got out I started wandering around, drifted from job to job and town to town. I have been in and out of trucking now for 33 years. I finally settled on a trucking career and  purchased the truck I now drive.

     I played one of the songs that I wrote at a company picnic, Tim Jenkins heard the song "Open Highway" and asked about using it in commercials for the company. I agreed and it inspired me to go for it, so I decided I would record an album of home grown Trucking Songs.

      Having said all of that, here I am, ready to begin this part of my journey through life. The good Lord leading my way, and a dream deep in my heart. It promises to be a great journey and I invite every one of my fans to follow along with me.

       To admirably quote a fellow musician:

"Oh What A Lovely Cruise" - Mr. Jimmy Buffett


               Love To All,

                                  Jeff Pyatt



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